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4 courses of vegan goodness now available at Meritage

i can’t believe it’s vegan:  NESQUIK Chocolate Syrup

i can’t believe it’s vegan:  NESQUIK Chocolate Syrup

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"A more common blend of flavors is the Pizza, a mix of mozzarella, red gravy and parmesan. It also comes with a vegan version made with a nondairy “mozzarella” and basil coulis tomato sauce."

Go and have a ball at Maru Global | Philadelphia Daily News | 05/07/2010

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Norristown Vegan: Ed's Wings (Pizza) - University City, Philadelphia

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Pizza to tofu, Philadelphia goes vegan | The Daily Pennsylvanian

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The Vegan Vine

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Starbucks To Introduce Vegan Frappuccinos - The Consumerist

"5. Nodding Head Brewery (Philadelphia, PA): If you’re a vegan vacationing in Philly, you’re probably not hankering for a Philly Cheese Steak. You’re in luck! Philadelphia has a number of vegan restaurants, but Nodding Head has the appeal of a pub with several unique vegan foods on their menu, so make it your haunt while you’re in the area. Some of the menu items contain seafood but there are enough dishes like a vegan burger, vegetarian stew, vegetarian roulade, and white beans and sage to keep the meat-free vagabond satisfied."

The 10 Most Unexpected Vegan Restaurants in the US | Vegan Mainstream

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